So Far,​ So Good
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Hello there, and welcome to the inaugural Silicon Ally Newsletter! We appreciate your interest in our work, and we’re excited to share what we've been up to.
501, See!
When we initially looked at other organizations in the "tech for non-profits" space, we were surprised to find that few of them were non-profits themselves. They were mostly organized as public-benefit corporations or standard C corporations, with some being certified B Corps.
We were motivated to become a 501(c)(3) because it better aligns our incentives and goals with those of our target clientele: other non-profits. Thus far, that seems to have been the right choice, and in February we received our 501c3 designation from the IRS!
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Consider it Done
For most of the past year, we’ve been working on a platform for Adventure Scientists, to help them with their mission of connecting scientists studying the natural world with adventurers who can collect the data they need. We had delivered the MVP back in July, and this month have delivered the final, production-ready platform. This was done on the original budget and timeline we proposed when we first scoped the project.
Adventure Scientists will be launching the platform in earnest in the coming months, stay tuned!
About the MVP
Out in the Open
We’re big believers in transparency. Accordingly, we’ve spent a lot of time filling our site with info on who we are as an organization. It answers questions like: How do you work with clients? What do you charge? What are your thoughts on open source software? How much do you pay employees? What do your finances look like? How can I support you? and much more!
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Check it Out (the code, that is)
As it turns out, we’re also big believers in open-source software. We’ve started open-sourcing standalone components from our project with Adventure Scientists, with more to come.
Most notably, we're on the precipice of publishing the "Silicon Starter" - a full stack starter repo for an authenticated, efficient, and fully typesafe web app.
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Accepting New Clients
As we wrap up the Adventure Scientists project, we're evaluating partnerships for the spring. Know a nonprofit that could benefit from some tech know-how? Let them know about us! We offer clients 40 hours of free work, which can cover the entirety of most small projects.
And that’s all for now! We’ll probably try to get one of these newsletters out every few months or so, but for the latest, check in on our blog!
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